Tassel Belts

Sizing: Tassel belts have more lee way is sizing than some other garments- the the space between the decorated part of the belt in front can be 10"- 20" or even more - The  front ties adjust to fill the space, so as long as the decorated part reaches the hip bone you get great tassel action for shimmys and spins and can always add a textile piece, jewelry or coin belts to the front to add interest if you want

 Tassel Belt Care: Belts with mirrors, tassels, or metal work should not be garment cleaned- it can ruin metal and risk the backing on the mirrors, spot cleaning and an occasional airing or smoking are all the maintenance these belts need. To air your garment, literally hang it inside out in the fresh air and sunshine- yes sunshine actually kills bacteria and freshens garments. ( be sure not to over-do, sunshine can also fade and weaken fibers). To Smoke your garment, first form a smoke enclosure from your bathroom or porch (make sure it is a room you can air out later). Hang the garment inside out, set at least 4 sticks of incense to burning- and leave the space enclosed till all the incense has burned (at least an hour or more). experiment with different scents and herbs. The smoke has a anti bacterial effect.