Veils are the stuff of mystery and imagination, dancing and veil work are only the start of the possibilities:

A silk veil can be used for numerous purposes, as a belly covering, as a sarong , and children love them for capes and dress-up. If you cut the veil in two it can be used as a belly drape, with the 2nd half cut length- wise to make Ghawazee sleeves to pair with the short sleeved cholis. Be sure to finish the raw edges with a rolled hem or serging. For a sturdy but less polished finish you can simply use fray check.

Washing and ironing instructions:
Veils can be hand or machine washed in cold, and tumbled dry, delicate cycle (remove promptly to avoid wrinkles). To protect the vibrant colors, you may want to dry clean, bulk method.
Veils do wrinkle, and good old fashioned steam ironing is the best way to get rid of them. Don't own an iron? second best is to wet the veil thoroughly and dry it in the dryer, delicate cycle- remove promptly!

A note on hand dyed costuming: All the silks are hand dyed using blended dyes ( I have created many of the colors I love by mixing different dyes) . Slight variations in shade and occasional tiny dots are characteristic of this blending method and are not considered flaws.


Express Yourself! If you are interested in dyeing your own veil or expressing your creativity with tie- dye, silk painting, or batik, use an ivory veil as your canvas. It is sewn with cotton thread and takes dye vividly.